AA.VV. - Quantifying monetary supplies in Greco-Roman Times.

AA.VV. (François de Callatay)
Ed. 2011, f.to 17x24cm., pp. 332 ill. b/b, rilegato.

The quantification of the monetary supply in Greco-Roman times is a desired goal set by historians of the ancient economy before the Second World War. In the 1970s and 1980s, many statistical methods were proposed in order to estimate the original number of dies used to produce a particular coinage. Despite initial strong skepticism, a consensus has now been achieved regarding the legitimacy of such methods. But the real goal of the historian is to estimate the approximate numbers of coins issued, and this requires the use of historical evidence. In the1990s, a fierce debate erupted regarding the key question of the average productivity per die between those who claim that the uncertainty is too large to draw any meaningful conclusions, and those who argue that such calculations are nonetheless helpful in many circumstances.
This book offers an up-to-date view of where we are today, with eighteen papers reflecting different levels of support for such calculations. The first seven papers deal with historiography and methodology, while the following ones are devoted to case-studies: nine Greek, covering Athens, Ionia, South Italy and Sicily, the Seleucids, Palestine, and Thasos, and two dealing with Roman coinage.


François de Callataÿ
Quantifying monetary production in Greco-Roman times: a general frame

Elio Lo Cascio
La quantificazione dell’offerta di moneta a Roma: il ruolo del credito

Warren W. Esty
The geometric model for estimating the number of dies

Clive Stannard
Evaluating the monetary supply: were dies reproduced mechanically in Antiquity?

Benedetto Carroccio
Parallel striking reconstruction and chronological numismatic interpretation

Theodore V. Buttrey
Quantification of ancient coin production: the third element

Thomas Faucher
Productivité des coins et taux de survie du monnayage grec

Peter G. van Alfen
Hatching owls: Athenian public finance and the regulation of coin production

Koray Konuk
War tokens for silver? Quantifying the early bronze issues of Ionia

Louis Brousseau
Les productions monétaires des ateliers grecs de Grande Grèce du VIe au IVe siècle av. J.-C. Essai de quantification comparée

Mariangela Puglisi
Coin circulation data as a source for quantifying monetary supplies

Maria Caccamo Caltabiano
The importance of an iconic program in ancient coin production

Panagiotis P. Iossif
Seleucid religion through coins: is it possible to quantify “iconography” and “religion”?

Oliver D. Hoover
Time is money? A second look at production quantification and chronology in the late Seleucid period

Haim Gitler
Different aspects of the quantification of Persian period coinages of Palestine

Olivier Picard
Types monétaires et trésors : le cas de Thasos

Michel Amandry
La production monétaire des cités pontiques à l’époque impériale : synchronismes et quantification

Johan van Heesch
Quantifying Roman imperial coinage

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